I also have a proposal


2021/05/28 00:42



I had a plan and went to a meeting at a place.

There are two, but I don't know at all. Lol

For the time being, while showing a glimpse only to the members of the Namara FAN club

We will let you know when the project goes through, so please pray for it!

Freelance singer-songwriter

I think there are many people who make proposals, make appointments, and do it themselves.

I thought I'd write

Depending on the artist, whether or not they belong to the office at all

Recently I imagine that it will move spontaneously.

No matter what the environment, what you do will not change.

If the face of the person you want to deliver is floating.

And today, I will check the video for another MTG and the one-man live video preview on 6/19.

After watching it, I'd like to hear your impressions in a big voice.

Yaba ~~~~~! !! !! !! !! !! I wanted to say

I wanted to save it until I watched it with everyone at the preview, so I was able to endure it.

It was refreshing for me that I had such an expression and movement.

A little after completion.

Preview and download card plan returns!

Please look forward to it ... ⭐︎

I want everyone to see it as soon as possible!

Well, the date has changed and today

"Beautiful person" MV (short ver.) Is lifted at noon!



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