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2021/05/22 21:47


Today, my mother, who I talked to after a long time, said, "You're narrating a TV commercial for long-term care!", But I haven't done it. I'm Chihiro Ozawa orz

No, thank you for announcing the fan club yesterday and receiving a lot of reaction!

As long as I'm happy! Crying

I was very nervous about the announcement. .. ..

About this → ○

Little! !! !! !! !!

When the earth is about this → ・, right?

Is that old? ...

That's it.

In a hurry, the Namara FAN Club will be pre-opened throughout May!

I was very happy with the response from everyone yesterday.

So I can't wait for the update.

What is Namara FAN Club? I hope that it will be an opportunity for you to feel free to touch it.

We will update it with a system that anyone can see.

I would be happy if you could take a peek and experience it ...!

Thank you!

Well, at the Namara FAN club, there was something I really wanted to do.

It is "to make a winter song for the end of this year".

Now that I can't see the goal to do anything

I want to write songs with everyone for winter and make memories.

I'm new to the fan club itself, so I don't know what it will look like.

The bond with friends who shared the unknown is surely strong.

I've never written a song! Those who say that are also good!

I think I will ask simple questions through blogs and live distribution.

Please give me some hints for making songs ...!

If the live is a place where you can experience extraordinary life

I wish the fan club was a place to stay close to everyday life.

It's full of feelings.

Let me talk little by little about the meaning and feelings of the fan club title!

I will update something tomorrow! (may be)

Thank you! And thank you from now on ~~~! !! !! !!

Your lucky item tomorrow who saw this blog ⬇︎

"Pop candy"

Photo by Takumi Sato (50mm)



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